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Florida’s Best Public Adjusters is the best Florida public adjuster for insurance claims. If your home has damage, call us right away for a free home inspection. We offer our claims adjuster services at zero up-front cost to you, if you don’t get paid we don’t get paid. Our claims adjuster professionals have been helping homeowners get proper settlements for more than three decades. Whether your home has suffered damage due to a major event like a wind storm or hurricane or an everyday problem, our public adjusters will get you the settlement to which you are entitled, not just what the insurance company thinks you deserve. Best of all, by hiring us to represent you as your public adjuster, you will not have to personally deal with your insurance company.




Natural disasters can turn our lives upside down, and as homeowners that spells impending property losses. These detriments sometimes amount to thousands or even millions of dollars. A public adjuster for hurricane and wind damage can be there to advocate for you and your property to reclaim the funds you need to fix, repair and replace damages in your home.

We are applying techniques to obtain better results in the process of the claim, such as engineer reports, roof obsolete tile list, and more.


In the past, mold damage insurance claims were covered under most home insurance when it resulted from a covered peril, such as a sudden plumbing leak, fire control, storm or other cause covered under your policy.

Concerns have increased due to public knowledge and scientific knowledge about mold and the health-related severe hazards carried with it. The clean-up, removal, and remediation are costly and hazardous to the person completing them. In response to the public concerns, insurance carriers are removing such coverage from their policy forms regardless if the result is a covered peril. In many instances, the insurance companies offer a limited coverage for mold/fungus for additional premiums and fees.



Pipe leaks – All homes have water pipes in the walls and many in the foundation. While the Florida homeowner insurance policy provides coverage for damage resulting from a bursting pipe, it is doubtful that your policy we respond to a slowly leaking pipe. If a water pipe (which is under pressure) in your wall develops a small leak that is unnoticeable in the back of your giant walk-in closet, and over time begins to soak your expensive carpet, the claims adjuster is more than likely going to deny this claim. If the same pipe were to burst and consequently soak your carpet, then the claim will most likely be paid.


Fire losses are typically the most devastating form of damage a property can face, usually destroying part or all of the structure as well as all of the property inside. A fire loss will typically include damage relating to smoke, heat, soot, any damage relating to putting out the fire like water damage and the need to break down doors or walls, as well as any damage to your plumbing, electrical or other internal property systems. The scope of loss and damage can be very difficult to determine in these situations without the proper training and experience, which is one of the most important reasons to enlist a public adjuster for your smoke and fire damage claims.



Cast Iron and Freshwater Line Leak Below Foundation claims are tricky. The insurance policies are limiting some of these claims. Most policyholders are more concerned with the cost of the plumbing repair and less concerned for what actually makes these claims covered.


Water damage is the most common type of claim filed. If you have water damage, whether you have a new claim or you’re working with an existing claim, it’s time to call a water damage insurance claim public adjuster.